To help the vulnerable and less privileged in Society

Sustained Change
AIM, nearly 20, programmes are designed to address children’s urgent needs and to ensure that children’s well-being is sustained for the long term. We work to empower communities, families and children themselves to tackle the root causes of poverty and build a better future together.

Integrated Goals
By integrating our work across key sectors, AIM, helps communities to keep their children safe and protected in times of crisis as well as in daily life ensure that children grow healthy and strong support children and families in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to lead productive, fulfilling lives foster loving and nurturing relationships with God and each other.


African Actions International Missions(AIM) - is a Canada grassroot global Non-denominational Religious Corporation established by few Christian volunteers headed by Madam ZOE SYEH,

To help the vulnerable and less privileged in Society. AIM, presently have local branches in LIBERIA, and incorporated branch in Ghana west Africa Called African Unique International Missions (AIM)

Our ministry focuses on Education, health, Agriculture water &Sanitation, Environmental ,Human Rights, gender equality and the integration of street, children and the youths of Africa and the world at Large.

Our focus is to develop a sense of belonging to all regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity in partnership with other like-minded institutions, churches, individuals and Organizations who believe in the Grate commission.

Our institution believe in building strong networks that seeks to create a better way and standard of living for all, and also the spread of God’s word through the above mentioned Sectors.

Everything AIM,does is focused on one goal: the sustained well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable.

Child-focused AIM, is committed to helping children/youths enjoy life in all its fullness.

Our work with families, communities and local/ international partners strives to improve the well-being of vulnerable communities Youths/children etc. in the most important aspects of their lives.

Our efforts address basic needs, but also go beyond those to include the spiritual, psychological and relational aspects of thriving in a vibrant and empowered community.

AIM, works in urban and rural areas, to bring help and hope to the world’s most vulnerable. We employ local staff in order to develop local and international partnerships that strengthen communities and empower women , girls, youths children. etc.

Our Team